Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter, a little late

So Alans first Easter went very well. We went to church with the York family, and Alan slept the entire time. The Easter Bunny brought Alan some chimes that hang from his car seat, and a giraffe that plays a lullaby. After church we went over to great grandma & grandpas house for dinner. We hung out and talked and watched everyone try to get the smoker working. Aunt Jen & Uncle Ben came over with Alex, who spent the better part of the afternoon playing with his new choo choo train. All of Alans 'good' started to run out, and he started to get fussy as the day went on. The food was awesome, and we took some leftovers home that daddy ate later that night. All in all, even though daddy made Alan wear a stupid snuggly bunny outfit, the day went well. Now we are looking forward to Alexs birthday, and seeing the family again!

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